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My Dear September Self

So much has happened in the last few months, some of it good, some of it not so good. At DRAKE, we thought now would be a great time for everyone to look back at before March and look forwards to the future and take time to reflect on the good things that have happened and things that would be great habits to continue ….

We pledge: 1) to continue to support great local businesses; 2) to ensure we switch off and go for a walk every day (well nearly every day); and 3) spend time researching and buying great books from smaller, independent publishers.

Have a read of the letter below and then let us have your pledges so we can remind you in September.

We all did online quizzes; we clapped; we Facetimed relatives; we put rainbows in our windows; we started 30 days of Yoga; we did couch to 5k; we joined Joe Wicks everyday. We went to the theatre; we did a virtual walk round the Trincomalee; we took drone flights over Roseberry Topping. The whole family went for a walk every evening – together. We planted seeds; we noticed the birds; we made holes in the fence for the hedgehogs.

Click here to listen to the letter being read

We put boxes of spare seeds; books and toys at the end of our paths to share with our neighbours. We discovered local businesses we didn’t know before and supported those that we did. We ordered frozen pies; afternoon teas; plants; gin; beer; and books – all delivered to our doors by our own local Teessiders.

Now we are all thinking about the end of lock down. We’re preparing to go back to school; work; college. We are looking forward to visiting friends and family and we are thinking about beginning a NEW normal. Now’s a great time to remember the good things we found in lockdown and take them with us.

Why not take a moment, PAUSE… while we still have time on our hands, to commit to the changes we’ve found. Let’s make a promise… “Three things I’ve found in Lockdown that I plan to keep as part of my new normal.” Fill in the contact form below with your 3 things and we will remind you in September.

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