Guidelines for Authors

Hello – At DRAKE we try to be a good champion of independent publishers and authors, however at the moment we are overwhelmed by self published and independent authors asking us to stock their books. So we have taken the decision, for the time being, to focus only on authors from the Teesside Area – if you fill that criteria please read on….

If not -we’re really sorry but we just can’t accommodate your book at the moment – but wish you the best of luck with it!

Have you written a book and are looking to get it stocked in at DRAKE – The Bookshop?

Firstly, congratulations! Writing a book is a fantastic achievement and we have a huge amount of respect for this. 

If you would like us to stock your book in our shop, in addition to the points below please read THIS GUIDE from the Booksellers Association. The guide provides information on how to approach booksellers and what to expect when working with retailers. All bookshops work differently, so please note that how we choose to process submissions may differ from other Independent bookshops.


Does your book fit with our existing selection? We spend a lot of time selecting the titles we stock in order to be able to sell and recommend books with enthusiasm and confidence. Will we be able to do this with your book?

Is your book self-published? If you have self-published through using Create Space or any other arm that Amazon has developed then we are afraid we will not be stocking your book.

Has your book been professionally edited? If it hasn’t been, that’s a no too. 

Is your book visually beautiful? This isn’t everything but it is important. The saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” isn’t really true!

How can we order your book? If it is available through Gardners or another wholesaler it’s a lot easier for us to re-order once we’ve sold a copy.

Once you are sure that your book suits us and will sit nicely in our shop please feel free to email us, but please don’t just send the generic email you have sent to everyone, please personalise it and outline why it would fit at DRAKE.

After receiving your author submission, we will get back to you if we would like to stock your book. Please bear in mind that we are a small team and receive a lot of requests from authors.  Therefore, we are unable to guarantee a reply to all submissions.


Our terms are 40% and we take books on a consignment basis for three months.  If your book sells within that time, we will contact you to request an invoice.  Note that no payment will be made before the book is sold.   

Our initial order will be for a single copy of the book.  However, if it sells quickly, we may request multiple copies when reordering. 

If we have not been in touch within those three months we would ask you to get in contact to arrange collection of the book. You will have one month from that point to collect your book. If we don’t hear from you we will donate the book(s) to charity .

Please don’t be disheartened if you don’t hear from us. What works in some shops will not work for others, and all bookshops must be selective with stock to best fit their customers. If you don’t hear back, we wish you the best with your writing career.

Please don’t drop books in to us unless we have asked you to.

Finally, if we don’t decide to stock your book please do not think this is a personal reflection on you or your work, we are a small shop and we can only hold so much.