The Perfect Gift for any book lover.


Sometimes you can't quite work out what gift to buy, especially those bookworm friends of yours who you can't keep up with. Well, here's an idea, why not let us do the picking and the wrapping and the sending?


Our Hand Picked Gift Subscription will see a new book delivered to your loved one (or even you if noone else will take the hint).

We pick the book based on a few words from you about what they like and then it becomes a (brown) paper package tied up with strings which is then sent out at the start of the month for either three, six or twelve months.


Whether it be building a library for the children; a Christening gift; a wedding present or just because you can, Hand Picked Books is a lovely gift idea.



We have 4 categories for the kids and young adults in your life:

Baby Books 0-12 months

Toddlers 1-3 years

Children's 4-12 years

Young Adults 13+



Fiction Fans

Non-Fiction Nuts